• Our Vision:
  • Sciences will make progress by integrating different scientific sub-discipline: the convergence sciences concept 
  • We are living in an economic, ecological and health crisis, what we need is disruptive research not “me too” research.
  • Academic entrepreneurship is the future of our knowledge economies: we need companies to cross the second translational gap and have a real sustainable societal impact.
  • We believe that putting biologists, AI specialists, astrophysicists, lawyers, psychologists, mathematicians, bacteriologists, medical doctors, epidemiologists and others from more than 10 different nationalities under one roof will lead to top disruptive research 

  • Our Ambition:
  • We have the ambition to be, an internationally recognized, leader in “Convergence Sciences”: the intersection of medical Sciences, Biology and Technology
  • Create & implement a disruptive research strategy”

  • Our Value proposition (“The 30 sec lift pitch”):

Making a difference in the field of Convergence Sciences through excellent research and academic entrepreneurship. We try to answer four research questions

1.How can we extract useful quantitative information from medical imaging? 

2.How can we build multifactorial Decision Support Systems to facilitate precision medicine? 

3.How can we exploit the tumour microenvironment to cure cancer? 

4.How can we exploit living medicine, namely bacteria, to prevent and cure chronic diseases?